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Welcome to the web site dedicated to brain power, memory improvement and cognitive function.  There is a ton of information contained on this website so be sure to sick around and check things out.

There are two basic ways to improve your brain.

  • Mental Exercises like those covered on this websites.  You can do the exercises, use the memory improvement tips on this website and learn the tricks of the memory masters.  You will have to practice.  There is no getting around this fact.
  • Improving your physical health.  Get plenty of sleep.  Exercise regularly.  A healthy diet helps tremendously.  We all know these are things we need to do.  But…many of us don’t realize the dramatic effect it can have on our ability to utilize our brains to the fullest capacity.

If you want to get started with improving your memory right away I would suggest you start with the memory improvement tutorial.  It is a series of articles that are best studied in sequence.

So start with the first article on how to improve your memory with associations.  Make sure to book mark the site so you can come back and pick up where you left off.

If you are unsure of where to begin, continue reading this page to find a good place to jump right in to the world of brain improvement.

The has become one of the most well-known memory improvement resources on the Internet.  From humble beginnings this site has grown to an authority on the best way to improve your memory.  We’ve got sneaky tricks, memory tips and even a comprehensive memory tutorial totally free.

The information has been compiled from a ton of various resources and distilled into the most relevant and easy to use information.  It is based on scientific literature, anecdotal evidence from myself as well as people that send me e-mails, and continually self-improvement.  We have resources available on this site and also review other products, such as mega memory.

How to Improve Memory Today

If you want to learn how to improve your memory you are in luck!

You don’t need to be a genius to have a great memory.  Honestly, you don’t even really need to be all that “smart” to have a memory that is enviable.

The memory is like anything else — the more you practice, the better you get.

Now there is more to the story than just practicing.  You also must do the right type of practice and have the right strategies if you want to improve your memory, cognitive function and brain power.

A Memory Analogy

Let’s think of an example.  Say you want to become the best soccer player in the world.

So you decide you are going to the gym to lift weights 5 days a week.  You are going to become strong and muscular.  You eat everything in sight, drink protein shakes and sleep 8 hours every single night.  After 6 months, you have gained 20 pounds of pure muscle.  The only problem is…you can’t run fast now that you are heavier.  Your endurance is half of what is was prior to lifting weights and you haven’t been practicing your ball handling skills.

The best soccer players in the world have speed, endurance, hand eye coordination, accuracy, intuition etc.  In order to develop these skills you must run, do sprints, ball-handling drills and actually play the game of soccer.

The same is true for memory and brain fitness.

If you really want to improve your memory and brain function you need to have the right strategies and tips.  Then you need to practice.  And keep practicing until it is a habit.

If you are still unsure about where to start with your brain enhancing journey you can always check here at the Wikipedia.

Why do some people have great memories etc?

I like to think there are two kinds of people.  And the good news is…you can be either one of them.  There is the Natural.  And there is the Non-natural.  Someone that is automatically, by their nature, good at remembering things is not “special” or “smarter” than anyone else.

What they do is apply the principals, strategies and tips of memory improvement on a consistent basis.  In many instances this is done without even thinking.  For them, this is natural, and as a result they have great memories and impress all their friends.

So how does this help the Non-natural?

Once you learns the skills, memory tips, and strategies that really do work, and you make them a habit you can become a Natural.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  You just need to be consistent.

Memory Help For Students

If you are a student you know how crucial it is to have a good memory.  You are never going to do well in a class if you can’t remember the material.  Obvious right?

Often times you don’t even have to be “smart” to do well in school.  You just need to be able to remember lots of information.  It’s not enough to just remember it abstractly though — you must be able to express concepts orally and in writing.  The most obvious example of the importance of pure memorization skills is how to memorize vocabulary.

Study techniques are also very important and it doesn’t take very many techniques to make a huge difference.  You just need to apply a few at a time.

Subjects like math or science are obviously not as easy to do well in simply with a good memory.  However at the lower levels (before college), a majority of the information tested is just pure memorization.

If you are currently in science classes you might want to learn how to memorizing the periodic table of elements.  It has been extremely helpful to many people, and I continue to get e-mails about it to this day.   Another great resource for students is our piece on memorizing kingdom phylum class order.

It’s also important to note that when specific examples are given, such as how to memorize the periodic table, you can still apply the strategy to a different topic.  The more you stretch your brain to come up with your own specific techniques, based on the proven strategies, the easier it will be to store information in your long term memory.

For Business Professionals

Developing a strong memory and brain is not just for students and those with declining memory faculty due to age.  Business professionals can drastically improve their careers by becoming “the guy.”

Who is “the guy?”  He is the guy that remembers your name and face at a social event.  He remembers you’re significant others name.  He doesn’t forget about deadlines and he remembers intimate details of clients.

Oh and yes, “the guy”, could just as easily be “the girl.”

But what is the real benefit of all these tidbits of remembering?  The benefit is becoming a “connector.”

When you remember the people you meet, the things they do, and are able to put them together and make introductions — you literally become indispensable.  If you really want job security, upward mobility and a rewarding career and financial future, you need to work on your memory improvement skills.

Memory Supplement Reviews

If you ever watch television, read magazines or surf the internet, you have seen advertisements for memory or brain power supplements.   Some of these products are total junk.

A small number of these products actually work.  You can see for yourself and check out my recent analysis on my review of Procera AVHIt is a bit shocking and a big eye opener.

Another supplement that has garnered much attention recently is Prevagen.  I’ve also spent a lot of time writing a review of prevagen that you can check out.  The bottom line is that you need to be doing your own research on these substances before putting them in your body.  And as always, check with your doctor before starting any exercise, dietary or supplement regime.

A great resource to get you started one some of the super basics of memory supplements can be found here.

How Health Effects Memory and Brain Function

There is more to having a great memory and improving your mental abilities than just practicing the strategies and memory tips from this website.  Sure, you can go a long ways just simply by doing the work of improving your mind.

But sometimes it just isn’t enough.  Many people are in poor physical health and as a result are also in poor mental health.  We tend to think of our mind and body as being separate, but that could not be further from the truth.

For starters, your brain is in your body.  Sorry for stating the obvious.  Do you really think that you can have a healthy strong brain and also have an unhealthy body?


Take control of your life and future by working on your brain today and you won’t regret it!