Memory Improvement Tutorial

(a kick-butt memory tutorial)

If you want to improve your memory — you are at the right place.

The below tutorial is a great place to get started with improving your memory.

You can go step by step through the list, or you can pick and choose what sounds interesting to you.

1.  Improve your Memory (the basics)

Part I How Memory Works by Association

Memory and the formation of memories does not occur in a vacuum.   In other words memories are formed and stored in relation to what you already know. If you are learning a brand new subject it will be difficult to retain and recall this information.  This is true because you have a limited amount of knowledge with which to compare new information.

Part II More About Association

This part of the memory improvement tutorial will dive deeper into memory associations.  You will learn how they really work, and how you can benefit more.   A few properties of memory are covered such as recency, vividness and frequency.

The goal is to give you more context to help understand memory better.  The more you understand how memory works the better your memory can become.  It’s time to demystify the mind!

We also cover some common questions like “what if I memorize too much information” and “what if I can’t think of an association?”

Part III Technique for Memorizing Numbers

If you ever wanted to remember numbers we have your answer.  Unless you are a total natural/savant when it comes to numbers it is nearly impossible to remember long strings of numbers without a system.

Long numbers have almost no context for the average person.  They merely exist as abstract ideas and are thus easily forgotten.  Sure you remember a few phone numbers — mostly from brute repetition.  But what if you could remember all your friends phone numbers?  Or work colleagues?  Or PI?  The possibilities are endless.

Part IV  Techniques for Memorizing Lists

Learn to memorize long lists that you previously thought impossible.  These techniques also work for short lists.  The basis of this technique involves applying the principles of peg words.

Part V  Practice Makes Perfect

All of these techniques are great.  They do work and many people have experienced success when applying them.  The biggest challenge is continuing to practice them.  In order to really become good, you must practice.  After awhile the techniques will become second nature and you can scale back your practicing.

2. Peg Words

Part I  Introduction

The peg words Introduction gives you a brief overview to the exciting world of peg words.   You’ll learn how they work, how to use them and given a few examples to practice them on your own.

Part II  Pre Memorizing Peg Words

After you understand how peg words work and why you would want to use them for memory improvement you will need to memorize some peg words.  This tutorial will help fill in more pieces of the memory puzzle.

Part III  Using Peg Words to Memorize a List

After you have memorize some of the peg words you have created for yourself it’s time to apply it to memorizing a list!  Part III walks you through the process of memorizing lists with peg words.  There are even a few examples to give you some ideas.

Part IV  Avoiding Confusion

This portion of the Peg Words tutorial covers some helpful tips to prevent you from getting confused with peg words.  Make sure you have read the previous three tutorials.

Part V  An Advanced Example

Ok, so by now you are pretty well versed with Peg Words.  You’ve created your own peg words and memorized a few lists.  This portion will cover an advanced example of how peg words can be used to memorize massive amounts of information.

3.  Memorizing bible versus etc.

Part I  Introduction and Motivation

A quick introduction into why you might want to memorize the bible before moving on to the meat and potatoes of some serious memorizing.

Part II  Three Techniques

The three best ways to memorize the bible are revealed in this tutorial.   It is a bit long so I’ll spare you the suspense.

    1. Using Music to memorize the bible.
    2. Using a tape recorder to memorize the bible
    3. Using repetition to memorize the bible

Part III  Memorizing Bible References

If you want to memorize bible references this is the article for you.  Several examples are included to help guide you through the process and hopefully be able to develop your own methods of bible study.