Popquiz for Memory Improvement

by thememorypage


‘How To Improve Your Memory’ Tutorial


Now that you have finished reading the “How To Improve Your Memory” tutorial, let’s test your memory. Can you answer ANY of the following questions? (You may be surprised at how much you can remember!)


  1. What time does your plane take off (in the hypothetical example)?
  2. What street is your hypothetical football field located on?
  3. Can you name the word associated with any of the following (that you learned for practice earlier on)? Elephant, fur, moat, mouse, popcorn, toothbrush, train, umbrella.
  4. What word did you learn earlier that you very vividly associate with the word “trowel”?
  5. Who lives on Lincoln Street?
  6. How many books are in the Old Testament?
  7. When is your bowling tournament?
  8. What are the periodic numbers for potassium, silver and gold?
  9. What was your hypothetical employee ID number?
  10. What were the five items on your shopping list?
  11. What is the third-largest city in Michigan?
  12. The person from South Africa had a friend with a cellular telephone. What was the telephone number of the friend?

If you could answer many of the questions, it should be a very powerful example of how well this way of memorizing things works. Even though you may have read some of the earlier material a long time ago, the impressions that you made on your memory then have stuck around!

Now, practice, practice, practice. If you find that the system works, but you are a bit slow, I promise you that you will improve in time, given enough practice. Memorize your next shopping list. Memorize your license plate number or a neighbor’s. Memorize a serial number on a dollar bill at the beginning of the day, then at the end of the day, recall it.

Happy remembering!

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