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Update, February 2006: Several more web sites have disappeared, thus adding to the growing list of lost good resources. However, there are still some really good web sites out there, and there may even be more not in this list that you could find by searching. Watch this page periodically for updates…

Searching for non-English memory improvement web sites? Look for other languages in red type below.

Memory Improvement Tutorials

  • Memory Techniques by MindTools: A large collection of documents on memory improvement, including all of the basic techniques; well organized.
  • Naked Science’s Memory Course: Another large and actively growing collection of documents on memory improvement, focusing especially on peg words for letters, numbers, dual letters, playing cards, etc. Ready to take memory improvement to the next level? This web site will walk you through it in detail, step by step! Become a memory expert!
  • Small Memory Improvement Course from the University of Amsterdam’s Department of Psychology; includes intersting historical information on the history of mnemonics. In both English and Dutch.
  • Speed learning Szybka-Nauka web site in POLISH by David Calinski; includes an official, direct translation of my five-part “How to Improve Your Memory” tutorial! (The tutorial translation even has peg words in Polish.)
  • Memory exhibition: Includes simple memory improvement tips in addition to scientific/technical information on memory

Topic-Specific Memorization Tips

  • A little tutorial on how to memorize PIN numbers.
  • ForgetKnot: Numerous mnemonics and applications of memory techniques to learning math, history, the arts and other school subjects. Still under construction as of June 1998: the author is hoping for submissions from people in order to help get the site started.
  • Gray Matters Mental Gymnasium (formerly “Be A Genius”): On this web site, you can apply what you’ve learned at The Memory Page to learn a lot of memory tricks, such as how to memorize Pi, card tricks, extracting cube roots, etc.

Memory Improvement Books & Courses

  • MiTerre Productions, Inc.: The Amazing “Dr. Amazing” offers a well-researched book, “Master Your Memory with Dr. Amazing — How Not to Forget” and 4 hours of companion audiocasettes. [Personal Note: I actually own a copy of the book. If you really want to learn tons more about memory improvement, Dr. Amazing covers a vast array of techniques, possibly more than any other book. He also has the only book I’ve seen to list potential peg words from 100 to 999!]
  • Memorização: Portugese memory cassettes and videos for sale.
  • Practical Memory Institute: Another source for memory improvement products. Includes “innovative” products like the Memory Works self-help CD-ROMs developed through National Institutes of Health research.

Memory Improvement Online Software

  • MemVerse uses the SuperMemo algorithm to help you memorize Bible verses efficiently. Create your own account to start your own personal memorization program. 100% free!

Memory Improvement Downloadable Software

  • Elliott Mayo’s free “2 Know” software is a very useful tool to automate the translation of numbers to words using a 149,000+ entry phonetic dictionary. [Personal note: This is using the same memorizing numbers technique described in my “How to Improve Your Memory” tutorial!] Now you don’t have to struggle to come up with long words for numbers on your own!
  • Piotr Wozniak’s Super Memo software helps you memorize in the least time and most efficient way possible by smartly spacing recall at computer-calculated intervals.
  • Paul Rædle’s VTrain software quizzes you on a series of multimedia question flashcards and sorts them according to your current knowledge level. The website offers free vocabulary files for 40 languages as well as other school topics.
  • Total Recall: a PC-based shareware learning program which has been helping people to improve their memory skills for over ten years.
  • Memlok: Computer software to help you memorize dozens of Bible verses easily via clever picture flash cards (which can also be printed out).
  • Scriptorian: A computer program to help you memorize Bible verses and their references or poetry, quotations, hymns, etc.


  • Dr. Wilson’s Mnemonics overview also includes a link to information about his “Old Time Medicine Show” in which he performs impressive memory stunts.
  • Mnemonic Major System (mnemonic alphabet) as defined in Wikipedia, the free online Encyclopedia. See alsopeg systemmnemonic, etc.

Discontinued Web Sites

Here are the older web sites that no longer can be found. Please Email me if you know if one of the sites below still exists and you have a working web address (URL) for it.

  • William and Mary College Mnemonics Overview (1999-2004)
  • Ten Commandments in Ten Minutes (1999-2004)
  • Advanced Memory Concepts (1999-2004)
  • (2000-2003)
  • Mnemonic Memory System by David Mitchell (1999-2003)
  • Anguswong.Com’s Cyborg 101 (1999-2003)
  • Mrs. Heiden’s Using the Peg System (1997-1999)
  • Memory Training Program on Geocities-Athens-Forum (1997-1999)
  • Vocabutoons (1997-1999)
  • Madras Academy for Excellence (1998-1999)

Final Notes

If any of the linked sites on this page offer something for sale, its inclusion in this list is not necessarily an endorsement for the product(s).

Also, I do not necessarily endorse (or oppose) particular religious faiths that might be subtly or not-so-subtly mentioned on any of the sites listed above. While it is true that I have strong religious beliefs myself, and that I would also encourage people to seek the truth and know where they stand (good advice for any issue or field of study, not just religion), my intent with the Memory Page is to try to remain neutral, try to confine the discussion to memory improvement, and simply to list here general memory improvement resources that people may or may not find useful.


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