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2.2 • Mailing List

The Memory Page Mailing List is discontinued as of July 2001. I formerly used it to inform memory enthusiasts when a major update was made to the Memory Page, but lately I am so busy that I only am able to update the Memory Page occasionally.

I do recommend something in its place. Most of you will probably learn to improve your memory simply to improve your life. But a few of you find memory improvement an end in itself. If so, you probably love to learn trivia, and you probably love to learn about new memory techniques and applications. You find it fun just to see what you can do. If so, I encourage you to check out the “Memory Skills & the Brain” club on Yahoo!. There are three major benefits:

  1. You can learn about new memory techniques or ideas from other enthusiasts, and you can even ask your own questions or post your own ideas.
  2. You can find out about any major changes to the Memory Page there since I am a member of the club and often post messages there.
  3. If you still like the Mailing List format, you can configure Yahoo! to Email you the messages that are posted in the club (though you may get a lot of Email if you choose this option).

You can always read messages for free without having to sign up. If you want to post messages or have messages Emailed to you, though, you must sign up. It only takes a few minutes, and is free, and Yahoo! will only occasionally send you Emails about its service. Just click “Join this club” in the upper-right of the club main screen.

Want to be even more involved?

The Memory Skills & the Brain” Club is not the only club on memory improvement out there. It is simply the one I have chosen to get involved with, partially because I like Yahoo!’s simple interface. It is not necessarily the best club. The best club is the one that is right for you personally! Feel free to click here to check out other clubs on the World Wide Web. Have fun!!

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