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Since I have what seems to be one of the most popular sites on memory on the web, people consider me a memory expert. Actually, I’m probably a lot like you. First of all, I do not have an exceptional memory in that I can just look at a piece of paper with 100 items on it for 10 seconds, then look away and recite all 100 items. There are people who can do that, but not me. I have a quite average memory. The only difference is that I’ve studied how to use my memory more effectively while most people haven’t. So I have a good memory only because I’ve practiced. This should be good encouragement for you — with practice, you can accomplish amazing things with memory, too.

Also, I suspect many people believe that I read books on memory all the time, have done my own research and have tried out lots of different memory products. This is not true. Actually, I’m just your average busy American without a whole lot of time to read. I’ve taken a more practical approach. While it might be fun to study all the books on memory and devote a lot of time to trying out all the techniques, actually I’ve read not more than half a dozen books or large documents on memory. After a while, the techniques became obvious, and now I focus on putting the techniques into practice.

If I am seen as an expert, then, it is not because of my sheer abilities or because I’ve read hundreds of books and papers, but only because I’ve studied memory more than most people and therefore know more than most people on the subject. (I also tend to be very committed to whatever I set out to do, unlike others who try out lots of things but rarely stick to any of them.) But I’m happy to help people if I can. When people ask me a question via Email, I don’t usually have a perfect answer that is backed by years of memory research and by several authors. I just take what I’ve learned from my own knowledge and experience and try to apply it to the person’s problem. Often it is finding a creative way to apply the memory techniques to a new situation. Sometimes it is merely giving encouragement. If I can help people in this way, I am happy.

If my pages on memory have been helpful, I encourage you to visit other web sites on memory and read at least one good book on memory. It is always helpful to have more than one perspective on a subject, and reading the same ideas again in a different way will help reinforce them. By the way, you ought to do this for any other subject you read about on the Web… it is too easy now days for someone to put up pages with inaccurate or false information, and checking out multiple sources is a way to protect yourself and get closer to the truth.

I said earlier that I am seen as an expert only because I know more about memory than most people. Actually, I hope this changes, and I hope the Memory Page is a way for me to share my knowledge with many, many others. When this happens, there truly will be a lot of experts on memory, and we all will be little better off than we were before.

— Kevin Jay North

For those who are interested…


Seventy hits a day (as of mid-1998)? What’s my secret??

Since so many people are making their own web pages, I thought I’d add this section. Actually, there is no big secret. I used to have web pages on all sorts of different topics, but I discovered that very few people visited them, particularly because the information was duplicated many, many times across the web. (Example: Just imagine how many Star Trek fans have their own personal pages on Star Trek.) But the information about memory seemed to be very hard to find anywhere else on the web. It was this that people were interested in. So I dumped almost all of my other pages and specialized on memory.

I’ve had many people write me and tell me that I have the best site on memory on the entire World Wide Web. That is quite astonishing because I had no idea my site would become this important and popular. I established the site as a hobby, not to make money, and I have updated it in my spare time — simply as a public service to help out other people who are interested in the subject. Over time I have added additional documents and links to improve the site and make it a more valuable information resource.

Now that I am graduated from college, I’m extremely busy with my job and do not have time to update the Memory Page more frequently than every few months. But this is okay, because all of the basic information is now there, and anything else is just “icing on the cake”. This also demonstrates that you don’t need to have a lot of free time to have a successful web page. Of course, I imagine that most people who visit will only visit once or twice, and I don’t have to worry about selling anything, so I don’t have to worry about constantly changing the site to make a good impression.