Bible Memorization Introduction

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3.1 • Introduction and Motivation


Most of the other documents on these Web pages relate to memorizing things by creating pictures in your mind. This is because for most people vision is the strongest, most vivid of the senses. However, sometimes memorizing by sound is more effective — it all depends on what it is you are trying to memorize.

Facts, names, numbers and such are best memorized via pictures, but if you are trying to memorize a chapter of the Bible (or other book) word for word, it would take forever to form a picture in your mind for every single word and then try to link it all together. Instead, sound is better.

In this document I’ll teach you techniques for memorizing things by sound which I’ve mainly learned from my own experience. Also, since with Bible verses it’s often important to remember the reference, I’ll suggest one (pictorial) technique for remembering references.


I will focus mainly on the Bible in this document, but the techniques described here certainly are not limited to the Bible, nor do you need to be a Christian to be able to take advantage of them. But why take the time to memorize stuff word-for-word? After all, you’re not going to be asked in a game of Trivial Pursuit to quote something exactly, and you don’t want to memorize something just to impress your friends. Well, I suppose the answer may not be the same for all people, but for me, it is wonderful to have wise and truthful words available to me at any time, wherever I’m at. As an example, let’s consider a couple of quotations:

"The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven."  -- Milton
"Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be."  -- Abraham Lincoln

These quotes can be of great personal help to me if I’m depressed or upset about something. The quotes essentially state the truth that, to a large extent, happiness is a choice — your own choice.

I believe this truth, but when I am mad or depressed and full of emotion, my emotions seem to take me over and suddenly my mind is casting doubt on that truth. I feel trapped in misery! But I can fight back these emotions by reminding myself of strong evidence for whatever it is that I’m doubting.

And what is better evidence than exact quotations from famous people who have been through the tough times before or the timeless truthful verses of the Bible? When I start thinking the exact words, I re-establish my certainty of the truth I was believing in, and I can pull myself out of a situation. This doesn’t mean that I instantly feel better, but if I simply know that what I believe in is still true — and it’s just my emotions messing with my mind — this gives me a sense of peace and confidence to move on.

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