Supplements to Improve Memory

by thememorypage

Memory loss and a lack of brain function is a huge problem for many people.  While I do not believe there are any quick fixes for problems that have been a long time in the making, there are some supplements you can experiment with that have be shown in studies and in anecdotal evidence to help improve brain power.

So let’s jump right into it with my favorite top 2 supplements to improve your memory.

More blood flow to the brain!

1. Ginkgo Biloba

This supplement has been shown in various studies to help improve blood flow to the brain.  In Europe it is widely used to help aid the symptoms of dementia.  Studies show that it doesn’t help prevent problems, but could help alleviate memory problems that already exist.

Further some studies show a stabilization in mood, increase in alertness and increased cognitive function in those that do not currently suffer from clinically diagnosed dementia.


2. Omega-3 fatty acids

Omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation

The benefits of the omega – 3 fatty acids found in fish oils could fill entire volumes of encyclopedias.

This healthy fat is absolutely necessary and critical to optimum human performance.  You can get it from food sources or supplementation.

If you decide to get healthy fats from food sources you must be sure it is not farm raised fish.  It must be wild caught in cold waters.  Fish from farms does not have the healthy fat.

Don’t buy it and don’t eat it.

I prefer to supplement my diet with fish oil in the form of highly purified oils taken in either liquid or capsule form.  I’ll take a few tablespoons after a meal to get my daily amount.  There are a host of other benefits to this beside just memory improvement, but many of these things are interrelated.

A diet that includes omega-3 fish oil supplementation will help crowd out the pro inflammatory omega 6 oils that are found in many refined vegetable oils.

The effect of this is a decrease in overall bodily inflammation.  Including a decrease in brain inflammation.  You might also notice an increase in well being, less aches and pains and joints that no longer pop and creak.

Just be careful to work your dosage up slowly as it can cause a case of loose stool when you aren’t accustomed to a higher dose of fat.
Bottom line — include fish oil in your daily regime.

While there are many, many supplements out there that may or may not have an impact on memory, these two are certainly worth investigating.

Talk to your doc, and give them a shot.

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